Air Canada’s NEW International Premium Signature Service is now available on trans-continental and international flights!

Air Canada' International Premium Signature Service is the new way to travel! What a great start your vacation! If you're traveling for business, you will certainly get there refreshed. The seat looks amazing and we can't wait to try it! Source: Air Canada Announces Elevated Trans-Con And International Premium Signature Service | TheDesignAir

10 Italian Cities you must visit soon.

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in all of the world! It has old school charm and some of the best food in the world. Italy is one of the major pillars of civilization! The country, albeit unified, offers a wide variety of cultures, views, and histories. Consider visiting our favorite cities. You … Continue reading 10 Italian Cities you must visit soon.

Best Cities in Europe

There is no doubt in my mind...when you get the opportunity to travel to Europe (and you have to keep a positive mind and believe that you will go soon), you must make a stop in the following cities. They are full of history and culinary grandeur, so you will get to experience the best … Continue reading Best Cities in Europe