5 Simple Ways to save more money ($$$).

You want to save more money, but you also want to live life to the fullest. You want to enjoy life because you work hard. You deserve to live well and you deserve to treat yourself to the greatest things in life. We agree! And we know you can do it all, while saving, and ensuring you achieve financial security.

Below are 5 simple changes you can make to your lifestyle that will contribute to improve your financial health, while allowing you to live life to the fullest!!!

You fancy some bubbles? Well change that bottle of Champagne ($42.00+ for Moet Chandon or Veuve Clicquot), for a great bottle of Prosecco ($10.00+)! It is refreshing, it satiates your thirst, and it looks fancy! And it easily saves you $30.00 a pop!


Got a raise you’ve been waiting for? Pay yourself first! Take 25% of that raise and put it into your savings account, emergency fund, or invest it! Do it every month and do not add that amount to your budget. Since you take it out fast (think of it as your most valuable expense…paying yourself), and you never see the money; you never put it into your budget, and CHA CHING! In 10, 15, or 20 years you will have saved a LOT.


This one is easy. While working, you need to eat lunch. Many of us forget to bring lunch to work, or we simply don’t want to do it because it is tedious. Well…here it is…keep doing it, every day except for Mondays. Make it a point to bring lunch to work on Mondays. This will easily save you $10-25 a week! With a single change! You don’t want to prepare the food? Well…buy a frozen meal ($2.99) at your local supermarket or go to Trader Joes and buy a wrap ($3.99).


The week is long and that Thursday happy hour is the only thing that keeps your spirit up. Well…at $7 a glass x 3 glasses, you are looking at $21 plus tax and tip. That is, if you’re drinking while at the happy hour… But lets face it, you probably will drink 1 or 2 drinks after the happy hour is done. That’s $14.00 a glass x 2 glasses…now we are talking about $49.00 plus tax and tip. Drink a little bit slower, and cut 1 drink. It will save you $7 – $14 a night plus tax and tip. That is $28 – $66 a month! $366 to $792 a year (not including tax and tip)! I mean…1 less drink a week, does amount to a lot. Invest the difference in the market, or on an important life experience (e.g., buy a plane ticket to Montreal ($366) or London ($792))!


Buy generic. You don’t need to buy it all generic. But there are some things that are indistinguisable and can save you a lot of money. I’m a big fan of everything Kirkland (at Costco). Their Prosecco (to go along the first bullet point above regarding bubblies you can afford, is only $6.00, and it is great for Mimosas!), their clothing detergent smells better than a lot of major brands, their chocolate truffles…no one will know they are not worth $60.00 a package…their olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cotton underwear, leather belts…do I need to keep going? You will save a lot and the difference can go towards your retirement!

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